Police leaked stalker story, says singer


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Bryan Adams claimed that an article in The Sun reporting that he had been the victim of a stalker could only have come from a leak within the police, in evidence to the Leveson Inquiry yesterday.

The Canadian-born singer said that the story appeared in the tabloid just a few days after he reported he had been stalked for the past month by a woman and her son at his home in Chelsea, west London, in 2008. The pair had "hung around my house" and rang the doorbell "incessantly", Adams told the police. He ended up confronting the pair and calling 999.

In a written witness statement, Adams said that he had not told "anyone other than the police and my personal assistant" about the case. "Although I have no proof, and therefore it is of course speculation, I do not believe that there could be any other explanation than the fact that the source must have been someone related to my call to the police," he said. "I can see no public interest in this being reported. It was not even accurate – no panic alarm was installed at my house."

He said he and other "victims of crime" should be "entitled to confidentiality. I do not see why the fact that I am a well-known musician should justify anyone leaking this story. In my view it is no one else's business and could create the risk of copycat crime".