Shaun Ryder at Downing Street? Don't be a fool...


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Some Sunday papers can be full of questionable stories at the best of times, so one could be forgiven for missing some of the yarns served up by the media for yesterday's April Fools' Day.

Politics seemed to be a big theme this year, with The Mail on Sunday claiming that, in response to the so-called pasty tax, the Government was planning a new duty to be added to "chilled champagne", similarly, STV in Scotland claimed that there was to be a tax on Irn Bru. The Tories were launching a hunt to replace recently-departed "blue skies" thinker Steve Hilton using the format of a new reality TV show, claimed The Sunday Telegraph. Meanwhile, The Observer said David Cameron had asked the Happy Mondays singer Shaun Ryder to come to Downing Street to advise him on issues of class.

The Independent on Sunday reported on police stations holding "hosepipe amnesties" for the public to hand in garden hoses ahead of this week's hosepipe ban in south-east England.

The Sunday Times' Style magazine hoped to catch out readers with its double-page spread on "Lemac", a new Middle-Eastern beauty treatment where customers are injected with cells from the humps of camels.

And readers of The Sun on Sunday could be forgiven for thinking the story on page 25 smelled a bit funny, with the report that Arsenal FC is to release its own fragrance, which takes its aromas from the Emirates Stadium, including the unmistakable odour of Arsene Wenger's leather seat.