Telegraph's Aidan Barclay urges Leveson not to over-regulate newspapers


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The judge chairing an inquiry into press standards was today urged not to over-regulate the newspaper industry.

Businessman Aidan Barclay, who chairs the company which publishes the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph, told the Leveson Inquiry that a "relatively small number" of journalists had been accused of "indiscretions".

Mr Barclay told Lord Justice Leveson how he was concerned that "we don't go too far".

"I find it very difficult to volunteer for more regulation," Mr Barclay told the hearing in London.

"The media industry employs about 250,000 people in this country. The indiscretions, or alleged indiscretions, involve a relatively small number of people."

He added: "We don't want to destroy the industry through over-regulation. I am concerned that we don't go too far."

Mr Barclay, chairman of Telegraph Media Group, said he was not sure that statutory powers are the right way forward and added: "I am a believer in self-regulation."