The Feral Beast: An ill-wind for Times's Foster

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Times editor James "weathervane" Harding has had a change of heart – again.

Following the relaunch of T2, and reports he may bring back the diary, he is now moving Alexi Mostrous back to the home news desk, a year after making him media editor. Who will replace him? Many feel media correspondent Patrick Foster should have got it in the first place. Trouble is, James Robinson, media editor of The Observer, may be Wapping-bound. Expect an announcement this week. Unless the wind changes.

Von Ryan to board lobby express?

As The Sunday Times moves to a building just outside the fortress, the opportunity is being seized to shake up the staff. News editor Charles "Mad dog" Hymas may be promoted to political editor, replacing Jonathan Oliver, who surprised everyone by going into PR after only two-and-a-half years at the ST. Hymas's shoes could be filled by foreign editor Sean (Von) Ryan, as the authoritarian executive is known. If Hymas does go to the lobby, management may find it easier to recruit home news reporters.

Pearson bites the hand...

Allison Pearson got off to a cracking start with her Telegraph column on Thursday by attacking the paper's own obituaries page. She doesn't like the way spouses get only "twelve measly words" at the end. "Is that all poor Jennifer gets for a lifetime dedicated to supporting Ronald and their three sons?" she rails, "Is it right that an obituary should measure the worth of a man's life solely by his achievements at work?" One wonders what she made of the last line of that day's obit of Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammad al Qasimi: "He is survived by several wives and at least six children."

...and Winter also tries a nibble

It's not just the new girl being disloyal: veteran sports columnist Henry Winter didn't think much of an unbylined Telegraph piece on Monday speculating on what Wayne Rooney would have brought to Man City. Asked by a reader on Twitter who wrote "this awful piece", he replied: "Not a clue. Unimpressed with it myself."

Eaglesham heads for Wall Street

Only four months after the Feral Beast revealed the Financial Times's Jean Eaglesham was departing the lobby for New York, she is now leaving the paper altogether. She has been poached by the Wall Street Journal, apparently for a royal salary. Her performance in top 50 lists probably helps: 16th in Press Gazette's Top political reporters and 29th in The Pink News's most powerful gay people.

i flies off the Wapping shelves

Waitrose customers in St Katherine Dock were disappointed they couldn't find our new sister title, i, on Tuesday – after it sold out in minutes. "People were buying five at a time," says one till stooge. Surely not due to the shop's proximity to News International, where executives are terrified of i's impact?