The Independent website records 83% growth in a year grew faster than any quality or national title in September

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The Independent Online

Traffic to The Independent's website grew to 29.8 million last month, the largest increase among Britain’s quality national news sites.

The number of unique monthly browsers was up by 83 per cent on the previous year, and by 7.75 per cent on August. The site had 1.38m daily browsers, an increase of 81 per cent on September 2012, according to official figures released by ABC.

Other sites to enjoy remarkable growth last month were Trinity Mirror’s, which posted a monthly audience of 31 million, up 98 per cent year-on-year, and Associated Newspapers’, the site for free paper Metro, which grew 125 per cent to 16.8 million unique monthly browsers.

The largest newspaper website remains the Daily Mail’s Mail Online which has 146 million unique monthly browsers, a rise of 44 per cent on last year. The site is visited by 9.49 million browsers every day.