The Leveson Report: instant reaction from the Twittersphere to this afternoon's publication


There was frenzied reaction on Twitter to the publication of the Leveson Report this afternoon. Here is a selection of highlights:

Andrew Neil, broadcaster

@afneil: #leveson off to Oz. Is he replacing Mad Nad in the bush-tucker trials? #imaregulatorgetmeouttahere

Chris Bryant, Labour MP and Independent columnist

@ChrisBryantMP: #leveson is impressive. The law needs to change. Self-interest regulation isn't regulation at all. Genuinely independent regulation vital.

Julia Hobsbawm, founder, Editorial Intelligence

juliahobsbawm: My thought on #leveson. Politicians: hands off the press. Press: get some manners unless you really are exposing badness (know the difference)

Jessica Asato, Labour PPC for Norwich North

@Jessica_Asato: Absolutely right for Labour to accept #Leveson in full. We need statutory underpinning. No reason it would undermine press freedom

Kevin Maguire, Associate Editor, Daily Mirror

@Kevin_Maguire: Leveson in brief: independent self-regulation overseen by Ofcom, otherwise known as something for everyone. Clever

Mark Steel: Comedian and Independent columnist

@mrmarksteel: Is it true Leveson has recommended Murdoch and Kelvin McKenzie should be waterboarded live on BBC1, or was that a dream?

Claire Fox, Director, Institute of Ideas

@Fox_Claire: Ed Miiliband - an opportunistic disgrace; shamelessly uses roll call of victims 2 disguise his I believe in press freedom BUT fb leveson

John Prescott, former Deputy Prime Minister

@‏johnprescott: Happy Leveson has accepted my recommendations for independent voluntary regulator with teeth but will press sign up?

Bonnie Greer, playwright

@Bonn1eGreer: Hacks and politicos duke it out... We the People are left, voiceless, our noses pressed against the windowglass of power ..again. #leveson

Sunny Hundal, liberal blogger

@‏sunny_hundal: Lord Leveson bent over backwards to appease Tories and tabloids by not being too radical. But right-wingers still trying to paint him as mad

Martin Lewis, founder,

@‏MartinSLewis: Is my website press? Is Guido? How about journalists on twitter? Am I not covered when writing web only, but am if paper reproduce?

Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Channel 4 news presenter

‏@krishgm: "independent" "self-regulation" "underpinned by law" "overseen by OFCOM" - a lot to work out to avoid one contradicting the other #leveson

Mehdi Hasan, Political director Huffington Post

@‏mehdirhasan: So does the Mail et al still believe LJ Leveson is part of a lefty conspiracy? The man just cleared Cameron AND Hunt of any impropriety...

Jane Merrick, Political Editor, Independent on Sunday

@janemerrick23: Phone hacking was exposed partly because of off the record contact between police + media, yet PM has just backed ending that

Louise Mensch, former Conservative MP

@LouiseMensch: I have every faith in the PM on freedom of the press, including the right to go off the record. He's a Conservative.