How the IoS stood apart on the newsstand

The ‘IoS’ has never been afraid to go its own way. From standing against the 2003 Iraq invasion to refusing to bend to Isis propaganda, its ‘splashes’ have always set the agenda and caught the reader’s eye. ‘The Sunday Review’ was ground-breaking at launch and award-winning ever since (no, we can’t recall why its name changed)

Spotlight: The Boston Globe’s finest moment

The film is a faithful re-telling of the investigation that in 2002 blew open a Catholic paedophile scandal involving scores of priests in Boston. David Usborne travels there to meet its real-life heroes

Wapping 30 years on: How Murdoch changed labour relations forever

Thirty years ago this weekend, Rupert Murdoch moved his papers to Wapping, firing anyone who refused to work with his new technology and fomenting ugly battles at the gates of his new plant. Most journalists acquiesced – thus helping Thatcherism win a great symbolic victory – but not Donald Macintyre, then at The Times. He reflects on those events, his part in them, and their ironic if happy dividend