Prince Charles: What the papers said

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The "secret" at the heart of the Royal storm was yesterday outed in more newspapers outside the jurisdiction of the High Court gagging order.

Those living in Scotland, the Republic of Ireland or on the continent were able to find out what allegedly happened between the Prince of Wales and a former Royal servant - while residents of England and Wales had another day of indirect and enigmatic allusions to the "alleged incident".

The Mail on Sunday: 'Charles and his valet: the true story

Despite its headline, the newspaper responsible for the speculation and injunctions of the past weekfails to reveal the specifics of the allegations. The focus of its "world exclusive" comprises George Smith stating: "I told Princess Diana the truth - and I stand by my story."

The Independent on Sunday: 'Royals in turmoil as humiliating allegations spread around the world'

The future of Sir Michael Peat, private secretary to the Prince of Wales, may be in doubt as the Royal Family and its senior advisors look at how the escalating scandal and attempts at damage-limitation have been managed.

The Sunday Telegraph: 'Prince Charles 'set to sue' palace aide over scandal'

The Prince has reportedly instructed a firm of London solicitors specialising in libel and employment claims to examine the case for legal action over allegations made by the former Royal servant.

News of the World: 'Is Charles bisexual?'

Sir Michael Peat allegedly rang former senior aide Mark Bolland while he was on holiday to ask him if there could be any truth in the claims, when they surfaced a year ago. (Sir Michael denies this.)

The Sunday Times: 'William fears plot to ruin his father'

Prince William is reportedly afraid the allegations form part of a plot to block his father's succession to the throne. The young prince has also allegedly told courtiers that he wants to confront "his father's tormentors".

Sunday Mirror: 'Not and never ****'

The headline cannot be repeated in its entirety, since it - and the accompanying story - push the boundaries of the injunction to the very limits, dealing with Charles' relationship with members of his staff. The only paper to avoid a front-page story, it cites claims from friends of the prince.

Sunday Express: 'Queen: No mercy for traitors'

The Queen reportedly consulted lawyers last week in an attempt to crack down on the growing number of Royal servants and former employees who "peddle secrets and lies". Tightened security, more rigorous vetting procedures and new confidentiality clauses are expected to be put in place as part of the overhaul.

The Observer: 'Prince Charles flies back to face fresh allegations'

Prince Charles returns from his two-week tour to battle an onslaught of allegations relating to his conduct with a former servant.

Sunday Independent

Joining the ranks of European publications and websites, Saturday's Irish Independent published the allegation in its headline. British readers are precluded by the law from seeing the story.

Sunday Herald

Another newspaper in a different jurisdiction reveals the substance of the allegation by printing the Irish Independent headline.