Prince of Wales's controversial spin doctor resigns

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Mark Bolland, the controversial public-relations adviser to the Prince of Wales, announced last night he was quitting his £160,000 post at St James's Palace to start his own PR company.

Demands for Mr Bolland, 35, to resign from rival courtiers at Buckingham Palace and monarchists in the press had been resisted by Prince Charles, who praised his contribution last night.

Mr Bolland, who will form his PR consultancy with Stephen Lamport, the private secretary to the Prince of Wales, fell foul of the unwritten law that the spin doctors should not become the story, but he will continue to act as a consultant to the Prince.

Prince Charles said in a statement: "Mark has been a senior and much-valued member of my staff for nearly six years and is now ready to move on to develop his career in new areas."

Mr Bollard was accused of boosting the Prince at the expense of other Royals. The calls for his sacking resurfaced last week after a new row over disclosures in the News of World about the Prince's deft handling of Prince Harry's drinking and cannabis parties.