Question Time: Jon Gaunt

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Work: Hosts 'The Jon Gaunt Show' on TalkSport and columnist for 'The Sun'. Previously a theatre company director.

Life: Aged 47. Lives in rural Northamptonshire with his wife and dog.

Balance: A workaholic but often travels to support Coventry City.

Gaunty, you always seem so angry in your 'Sun' column and on TALKSport. Why is that?

I'm angry about the state of Britain after 11 years of Labour misrule. They have sold out our country to Europe and they've opened our borders to any Tom, Dick and Abdul.

You have been labelled with the term shock jock, do you welcome that?

It's an easy term of abuse to throw at me by a media stuffed full of left-leaning liberals. Whereas, actually, the greatest broadcasters in the world are so-called shock jocks, so it doesn't bother me. I'm only shocking because most British radio is boring, bland, tedious and left of centre.

Which columnists and broadcasters do you rate?

Chris Evans, his show is tremendous. Most columnists are just lazy; I do rate Richard Littlejohn though.

And who gets you angry and you want to burn at the stake?

All the Jeremys and Mirandas that infest broadcasting and journalism. I can't stand people who go straight from their degree in English Literature into the media and have never lived in the real world. They're as bad as the politicians.......... 

Your new book is a defence of Britain. Why is it necessary, and who is responsible for running the country down?

It's not just a simple defence but also a celebration of what is great in Britain. We don't need a rebranding. There are some things in our past that we know weren't right but we have a glorious history and when it comes to slavery and our Empire we don't need to be beating ourselves up about it. We should be proud of our country and not listen to the skinny latte Islington crowd in Westminster and media villages who want to run it down.

Your favourite television show at the moment?

Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food, he's a lad who's trying to make a difference.

What would your desert island media be?

Sky Plus – the greatest media invention.