'Quiet man' IDS wigs out to Springsteen

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He may not seem the type to let his hair down. But Iain Duncan Smith will reveal an unexpected rebellious streak today by choosing a Bruce Springsteen song as one of his Desert Island Discs.

The self-proclaimed "quiet man" of politics will reveal a louder side with a track by a singer long identified with blue-collar workers. The BBC was tight-lipped about precisely which Springsteen song it was – saying only that it was from his latest album.

As befits a champion of family values, Mr Duncan Smith pays tribute to his mother, a former ballet dancer, with Swan Lake. And he also includes a single by an obscure Euro-pop act, Suzi Lyon – his sister, Susan. The most extensive mention, however, is reserved for his father, who we learn was once propositioned by Marilyn Monroe.