Real-time updates get turned on for millions of Blogs around the world

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Open source blogging platform WordPress turned on real-time PuSH feeds for more than 10.5 million blogs hosted on its domain on Wednesday, March 3.

The addition of PuSH (or if you can get your tongue around it, PubSubHubbub) notifications to enables people who are subscribed to a particular blog feed to receive notification of blog updates almost instantly.

"PuSH is a way for services that subscribe to updates from your blog (think Google Reader, Bloglines or Netvibes) to get updates even faster," explained WordPress's Joseph Scott in a March 3 blog post.

"In a nutshell, instead of having to periodically ask your blog if there are any updates they can now register to automatically receive updates each time you publish new content. In most cases these updates are sent out with in a second or two of when you hit the publish button."