Sitcom shockers: Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles: together again for Christmas special

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Some said it was a classic retelling of The Taming of the Shrew. Others called it vintage comedy. Yet more thought of it as some posh bint played by Margo Leadbetter bending the ear of the bloke out of Perfect Scoundrels. They will be thrilled that To the Manor Born, with Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles, is to return for a one-off Christmas special on BBC1 after a gap of over 25 years.

The original sitcom, which ran from 1979 to 1981, starred Keith as Audrey Forbes-Hamilton, a snooty cow forced to sell her country estate to a self-made man, Richard DeVere (Bowles).

Episode guides recall highlights such as "Ned's clock repairing skills (or lack thereof) are exhibited", as well as an explosion of comedic potential in series two, episode six, in which "Audrey puts her back out".

It's good to know that licence-payers' money is being spent keeping BBC pensioners in posh hats; now why don't they revive some other old chestnuts "with hilarious consequences..."?


Are you being served?

In 'Grace and Favour', the cast of 'Are You Being Served?' shared a country house with the farmer's daughter in Mr Humphries' bed. Doodle-dee dit, dee deeeee!


'Sorry!', starring Ronnie Corbett as Timothy Lumsden, ran for seven series before it was axed by the bastards at the BBC. Language, Timothy!

Last of the Summer Wine

The BBC should bury 'Last of the Summer Wine', as it has repeated the same episode in which Compo rolls down a hill in a tin bath since 1973. Wa wa wah!

To The Manor Born

Penelope Keith will star opposite her old adversary, Peter Bowles, in a Christmas one-off on BBC1 of 'To the Manor Born' after a gap of more than 25 years. Noblesse oblige!