Social networking site updates privacy policy, deletes regional networks

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has decided to scrap Facebook's regional networks and the privacy settings that accompanied them, instead opting for a more general approach to privacy that will enable users to select individual privacy controls for each piece of content they create.

During the following weeks Facebook users will be asked to review their privacy settings as the new features roll out and the regional networks are removed.

"We're adding something that many of you have asked for - the ability to control who sees each individual piece of content you create or upload," wrote Mark Zuckerberg in a December 1 blog post.

"In addition, we'll also be fulfilling a request made by many of you to make the privacy settings page simpler by combining some settings."

When the roll-out is complete, the 350 million people using Facebook will be able to change their privacy settings on a "post-by-post" basis.

Facebook began testing the new privacy settings with a limited test group in July, focusing on giving users more control over their settings while at the same time making the changes simple for them to understand.