StumbleUpon top 5 rated websites: how to cover dings in wooden furniture, 10 great short films

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A look at this week's top-rated websites from StumbleUpon, recorded on February 26.

This week's selection includes a slideshow of funny signs, ten inspiring animated short films, a picture of parents putting their newborn in the arms of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, an article about 10 household plants that reduce and eliminate pollutants and indoor air toxins in your home, and a blog about household tips that shows you how to fix damaged wooden furniture with walnuts.

1. Sign Language: week 89 - Telegraph

2. 10 Surreal Animated Short Films | Listicles

3. Things got weird

4. Eartheasy Blog & The Top 10 Plants for Removing...

5. How To Cover Up Dings in Wooden Furniture - Home Hacks