StumbleUpon top 5 rated websites: the lying down game, adoptabots

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A look at this week's top-rated websites from StumbleUpon, recorded on April 15.

This week's selection includes a cartoon making fun of the popular "Will it Blend?" gadgets-destroyed-by-blender video series, a cartoon that shows what Jesus would preach if he returned as conservative American TV host Glenn Beck, photos of people playing the lying down game (a meme where people have their photos taken when they are lying in a rigid pose with their face flat to the ground), cute pictures of adoptabots (robots made out of found objects) and an article in National Geographic that talks about our universe being in another universe's black hole.

Virtual Shackles - Will it Metablend?

Republican Jesus

The lying down game | Denge

Brian Marshall Re-purposed Adoptabots Sculptures

Every Black Hole Contains Another Universe?