StumbleUpon top 5 rated websites: Venn Diagrams, a floor that sinks to reveal a heated pool

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A look at this week's top-rated websites from StumbleUpon, recorded on April 1.

This week's selection includes 15 crazy Venn diagrams to illustrate the web, a sparkling interactive flash applet, a reinterpretation of a classic Michelangelo sculpture created with Nintendo characters, a heated stone floor that sinks to reveal a pool, and photos of the sky before hurricane Katrina hit in the USA.

15 Venn Diagrams To Explain The Internet's Fascination

[Stardust] KiraKira Waypoints | wonderfl build flash online

michelangelo nintendo remix

Climate-Friendly Sunken Pool Converts into Radiant Floor | H

The Sky Before Katrina Struck