'Sun' under attack over photos of Saddam in underwear

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President Bush last night condemned The Sun newspaper's publication of pictures of Saddam Hussein in prison in his underwear, saying the person who had taken them had been "motivated by a vision of the world that is backward and barbaric".

He said he "strongly supported" the investigation by United States military officials into how security at the Iraqi prison had been breached.

The newspaper claimed the pictures, including one of the former dictator hand-washing his dirty clothes, would help to end the insurgency in Iraq.

But the US military said the photos violated military and possibly Geneva Conventions guidelines "for the humane treatment of detained individuals".

The pictures, believed to be a year old, have reignited controversy over footage of Saddam taken by the US shortly after his capture two years ago and more recently the pictures taken of Iraqis being abused at Abu Ghraib.

The Sun managing editor, Graham Dudman, said: "He's not been mistreated. He's washing his trousers. This is the modern-day Adolf Hitler. Please don't ask us to feel sorry for him."