Tabloid week: Marley the jailhouse guinea pig: was it murder?

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Daily Star, Monday

Victoria Beckham has trimmed back her boobs to keep up with the Spice Grils' hot routines. Hollywood gossips say Posh, 33, had her implants removed so she can perform high-energy dance moves without her breasts slipping out.

The Sun, Wednesday

House of Horrors monster Rose West demanded an inquiry into who killed her guinea pig. The lifer, 53, was furious to find pet Marley dead in its cage. West convicted of 10 murders accused fellow inmates of poisoning it.

Daily Star, Wednesday

Fabio Capello declared war on sexy England Wags. The outspoken Italian, set to be named new national team boss, has big plans to improve our highly paid flops but first he will axe their wives and girlfriends.

Daily Mirror, Thursday

Hugh Grant outraged diners at a chic restaurant by openly snogging a mystery woman while a friend caressed her thigh. The astonishing scenes lasted 20 minutes during which Grant seemed oblivious to the offence he was causing.