That Beckham interview: vague and so mystifyingly moralistic

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"I have no reason to lie," said Rebecca Loos during last night's interview on Sky One: "Why should I?"

Well now, let's think about that one: £350,000 reportedly paid by the News of the World for her exclusive story, Sky bidding in excess of £125,000 for this little chat ­ it is clear that having had an affair with the England football team captain can be a career in itself. In fact, I've been suffering a bit of a midlife crisis myself, and looking around for other options. The only thing that bothers me is whether you need to have had the affair in order to have the career.

This is not a question that Ms Loos' appearance was ever going to settle. For what it's worth, the account she gave of the slow development of her relationship with David Beckham, seemed highly plausible. She provided plenty of plausibly banal circumstantial detail.

If, as has been hinted, this comes to court, she will be a good witness.

All the same, Sky executives may be wondering whether they got their money's worth. And many viewers may have been disappointed by Ms Loos' descent into vagueness once things moved to the bedroom. Although she showered praise on Beckham (you gathered the lad done good), she was not prepared to discuss specifics. As she told Burley: "It's bad enough having to talk about this without going into details." Poor love: compelled to tell the world about "fantastic sex", with a hundred grand pressed to her head.

Nor did she offer any firm clues as to the location of the part of Beckham's body of which she claims special knowledge, saying she would be reserving that for any court appearances.

Towards the end, she gave a world-weary smile as she talked of the deluded and publicity-hungry people who have come forward in the last week to claim they have had sex with her ­ she thought it was sad that newspapers would stoop to publishing such claims.

Ms Loos may be a good deal richer; the rest of us, watching her, and watching ourselves watching her, can all feel a bit more impoverished.