The best April Fools day jokes on the web

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The web is brimming with almost believable blog posts on April 1. Google has changed its name to Topeka, YouTube is letting you watch your videos in text mode, Wikipedia is condoning wife selling, Kodak is making your photos smell and is selling canned unicorn meat.

The web just became a whole lot better (or a much scarier place) depending on where you are surfing. Companies across the world are embracing April Fools day.

Google seems to have gone April Fools Day crazy, will regional departments all coming up with new ideas.

Google UK has come up with a new application that will translate animal sounds into speech, (

The Google Docs team are offering the ability to upload any object into the cloud (why not send your keys into the cloud so you never lose them again or make moving your house much easier to share with your friend on the other side of the world at just $0.10 per kg upload -

Tech blogs like TechCrunch are joining in the fun too. TechCrunch's Mike Arrington has launched a DIY CrunchPad Kit for less than $50 that helps you turn your regular laptop into a fully functional touchscreen tablet (

While CollegeHumor ( is now redirecting their site visitors to a screen that warns, "The website you were trying to access,, is currently under investigation for harboring un-American sentiment and will remain offline until an official review can be conducted."

TechCrunch has put together a comprehensive list of April Fools jokes here:

Mashable have also joined in the trend with their April Fools day joke list:

A site called April Fools Day on the web lists some of the other jokes spreading through the interwebs:

Some of the most popular April Fools jokes ever can be read on