The future of YouTube: better video search, becoming more social

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On December 9 YouTube CEO & co-founder, Chad Hurley, announced the video-sharing site is currently working on building a better search function.

Whilst talking to LeWeb founder and blogger Loic Le Meur at the LeWeb, Hurley revealed that the next big change for YouTube would be improved discovery tools for videos and content creators on YouTube.

"We need a better search for YouTube," said Hurley.

He explained that while YouTube gives everyone the chance to put their videos on the video-sharing site it can be difficult to locate relevant content.

Hurley said that YouTube's search features need to make better use of consumers' search history and watching habits to create a better experience for our users.

YouTube will also be working on getting people more involved in creating and uploading videos from their mobile devices. The company is also experimenting with a better delivery system for an on-demand TV service.

In addition, the video-sharing site will be ramping up their live broadcasts of large events. Hurley said they are hoping to stream one large event or concert per month whilst trying to make the video content as global as possible.

The future of YouTube will involve the site becoming more social. "We have a long way to go," said Hurley. "This is just the tip of the iceberg."