The Great Quizshow Quiz

'Mr and Mrs', favourite TV entertainment of yesteryear, is making a comeback. How much do you remember about these prize British television institutions? Terry Kirby tests your knowledge
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1 Mr and Mrs, once hosted by Derek Batey, was revived briefly in 1999, with which camp presenter?

2 After his death, who was revealed as the father of Paula Yates, late wife of Bob Geldof?

3 Now better known for his gardening expertise, who succeeded Robert Robinson as host of Ask the Family?

4 Whose career as a quiz show host ended when he almost died in a car crash in 1995, spending 17 days in a coma ?

5 The man who presented Pets Win Prizes and Win Lose or Draw founded punk magazine Sniffin' Glue during the 1970's. Who was it?

6 What is the connection between an Irish-born DJ, a Lancastrian comedian and a Liverpudlian drag queen?

7 Who suffered from epilepsy, which led to some viewers thinking he was drunk?

8 Which former Conservative MP fronted the following short lived shows: Spellbound, Puzzle Party and The Game?

9 The autobiography of which presenter is entitled Memoirs of an Unfit Mother?

10 Which legendary game show host married, for the third time, a former Miss World?


1 Which one of the hosts of The Golden Shot played for a football club?

2 Who was Lesley Crowther's son-in-law?

3 What song did Terry Wogan memorably perform on Top of the Pops after it became a hit?

4 It was the Sale of the Century and, the audience were told, the quiz of the week, but which city did it come to you from?

5 With what band did Bob Holness, presenter of Countdown score a number one hit in 1982?

6 Who was Les Dennis's late comedy partner?

7 And which gentleman spy was he the second actor to play?

8 Which football club did the first Mr Anthea Redfearn play for?

9 Complete the four word, final line of this opening verse from the show's theme song:

Did Elvis Sing It?
Or Basie Swing It?
Old Song or New?

10 The father of one quiz show presenter was the doctor who delivered Margaret Thatcher at her birth. Who is it?


1 In Sky's the Limit, who was Hughie Green's cheeky cockney sidekick?

2 Who was the dizzy partner of Bob Monkhouse on The Golden Shot?

3 After his death, which quiz show host's co-presenter said: "I adored him, and I always will''?

4 Which sidekick was to become the second wife of the presenter?

5 Which sidekick has a degree in history from Cambridge?

6 What was Larry Grayson's supposedly imaginary friend called?

7 Carol Smillie, Jenny Powell, Tracey Shaw and Terri Seymour have all been co-hosts on which quiz show?

8 Who said that she and the host were "like a couple of naughty sisters"?

9 In 1995, which programme became the first to have male "models" demonstrating the prizes?

10 Which programme had two women assistants called 'dolly dealers'?


1 Which show was reprimanded by broadcasting watchdogs in the 1970s for gloating over the high value of its prizes?

2 On which show was the booby prize called Dusty Bin?

3 Who was the first winner of a million pounds on a quiz programme anywhere in the world?

4 And what was the question which won the prize?

5 Which presenter of a hit show was fired - and reinstated two years later - after claims that a prize being offered was the result of collusion between him and the makers?

6 On Blankety Blank, what was the small prize that was given to all the contestants?

7 Which show always featured a cuddly toy among the prizes?

8 On the original Mr and Mrs, what prize did contestants get if the jackpot wasn't won?

9 What was the most frequent prize on Bullseye?

10 On which show was the entire audience asked to bring along their passport and suitcase in order to qualify for the prize?


1 Which show has the catchphrase: "You don't get much for a pair (not on this show).''

2 Complete this phrase: "Fantastic, smashing...

3 And whose was it?

4 What was Anthea Turner usually asked to do by Bruce Forsyth on The Generation Game?

5 And what was Larry Grayson's catchphrase when he hosted The Generation Game?

6 "Oh, do Come On....." is barked at contestants on which show?

7 And by whom?

8 Which show ended with the sign-off line: "We'll see you next time around..."

9 What are the three lifelines offered to contestants on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

10 To whom do contestants say 'left a bit, up a bit, right a bit, fire!'?


What were the unfortunate answers given by bewildered contestants to the following questions:

1 Weakest Link: How many wheels does a unicycle have?

2 Blockbusters: What "K" is a suicide mission for a pilot?

3 Family Fortunes: Name a body part beginning with the letter N

4 Brainteaser: Which literary hunchback lived in Notre Dame and fell in love with Esmerlda

5 University Challenge: Which South American politician overthrew Allende in a coup

6 The Vault: What is the mixture of avocado, chilli and lime juice commonly known?

7 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Which of these is the title of a Shakespeare play. As You Like It/As You Love It/ As You Wish It/As You Want It?

8 The Weakest Link: The equator divides the world into how many hemispheres?

9 Beat The Nation: Brazil is a major country in which continent?

10 Beg, Borrow or Steal: Which city do you think Cambridge University is? There's a clue in the title.


Presenters 1 Julian Clary 2 Hughie Green 3 Alan Titchmarsh 4 Leslie Crowther 5 Danny Baker 6 Terry Wogan, Les Dawson and Lily Savage, aka Paul O'Grady all hosted Blankety Blank 7 Michael Miles, who hosted Take Your Pick 8 Gyles Brandreth 9 Anne Robinson, host of The Weakest Link 10 Bruce Forsyth

Trivia 1 Charlie Williams for Doncaster Rovers 2 The late Phil Lynott, frontman of Thin Lizzy 3 The Floral Dance 4 Norwich 5 Toto Coelo 6 Dustin Gee 7 James Bond in a radio adaptation of Moonraker 8 Torquay United 9 Give Us A Clue 10 Nicholas Parsons, born in Grantham, Lincs

Sidekicks 1 Monica Rose 2 Anne Aston 3 Carol Vorderman, on Richard Whiteley, presenter of Countdown 4 Anthea Redfern married Bruce Forsyth, first presenter of The Generation Game 5 Sid Waddell on Bullseye 6 Everard 7 Wheel of Fortune 8 Isla St Clair, co-host with Larry Grayson of The Generation Game 9 The Price is Right 10 Play Your Cards Right

Prizes 1 Sale of the Century 2 3-2-1 3 Judith Keppel on Who Wants to be a Millionaire 4 Which king was married to Eleanor of Aquitaine? A: Henry II 5 Bob Monkhouse, fired from The Golden Shot in 1972; it was a mistake. 6 A cheque book and pen 7 The Generation Game 8 They went past on a conveyor belt 9 A Speedboat 10 Don't Forget Your Toothbrush; the prize was an immediate holiday

Catchphrases 1 Play Your Cards Right 2 Super 3 Jim Bowen on Bullseye 4 Give Us a Twirl 5 Shut that door 6 University Challenge 7 Jeremy Paxman 8 Wheel of Fortune 9 50-50 Option, Phone a Friend, Ask the Audience 10 Bernie the Bolt on The Golden Shot

Daft Answers 1 Two 2 Kama Sutra 3 Knee 4 Nostradamus 5 Ayatollah Khomeini 6 Guatemala 7 Can I phone a friend? 8 Three 9 Europe 10 Leicester