The Onion launches BuzzFeed parody site Clickhole with '16 pictures of Beyonce not sinking in quicksand'

The resurgence of quizzes is also sent up

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After more than 25 years parodying traditional news, The Onion has launched Clickhole, a site taking aim at clickbait sites like Upworthy and Viralnova and listicle purveyors BuzzFeed.

The partly affectionate, partly caustic satirical site opened with some truly spectacular articles including '16 Pictures Of Beyoncé Where She’s Not Sinking In Quicksand', '10 Hilarious Chairs That Think They’re People' and one about how Clive Owen "went there" and there's "no going back".

There are a bunch of 'viral videos' too, including 'This Video Seems Silly, But It Makes A Good Point' (below) which consists of 30 seconds of a dinosaur walking in front of a multicolour backdrop with the words 'RACISM IS BAD' and 'NELSON MANDELA WAS A GOOD PERSON' laid over the top.

The challenge for ClickHole now is to avoid being as disposable as the content it is parodying, but with genuine articles like 'You Love These 18 Celebrities, But Here’s Something You Didn’t Know About Them. It’s Awesome.' still being published on a regular basis, there will be no shortage of victims for it to feed on.