The week's most popular Diggs: looking for a better grade, moving flowers

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The most popular news, videos and images as picked by Digg users during the last seven days, recorded on October 6.

1. Sexual Favor Fail - an article hosted on that shows a Facebook conversation between a psychology teaching assistant and a student. The student tries to offer the teacher sexual favors in exchange for a better grade and doesn't quite succeed.

2. Even MORE Epic Facebook Ownage - an image hosted on that shows a Facebook conversation between two users on the popular social networking site. One user is criticized by the other after she missed the first week of school, she tries to insinuate that the reason she missed school was because she was away at her grandmother's funeral when instead she was on holiday with her boyfriend.

3. Optical illusion - an image hosted on showing two sisters taking a photo of themselves in the mirror and accidentally capturing their other sister's bare bottom in the reflection.

4. It Was Here. I Swear.. - an image hosted on showing a cartoon about bees. A young boy plants flowers in a wagon to attract a bee and then moves the wagon to confuse the bee when he returns with his friends.

5. Dilbert Puts Twitter to Good Use - a cartoon on that shows two employees' scheme to get their boss to use Twitter so they can know where he is at any moment of the day.