The word on the street: Malkovich on Fisk, fresh air at the Telegraph, Royal snub of Daily Mail

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The Hollywood star John Malkovich told the Cambridge Union that after reading the British press, he would like to shoot George Galloway MP, and Robert Fisk, The Independent's Middle East correspondent. Malkovich was asked whom he would most like to fight to the death, and he replied, "I'd rather just shoot them", before naming Galloway and Fisk. He did not say what had provoked his rage. Perhaps the co-star on his latest film, Natalie Imbruglia, has expressed disappointment that Fisk isn't in the movie.

¿ Is it possible that The Daily Telegraph is dropping one of its traditional items – the humorous endpiece in the Peterborough column? Perhaps the world has run out of spelling mistakes to satirise. Apparently, Charles Moore, the Telegraph's editor, feels queasy at messing with tradition, but was assured by his deputy, Sarah Sands, that it was time to move on. However, Mr Moore does not seem to have been convinced, as, after a brief disappearance last week, the endpiece has now reappeared.

¿ Journalists at the recent Windsor Castle reception were let off lightly. A senior executive at the Daily Mail recalls that he encountered the Duke of Edinburgh at a reception a year or so ago. "What do you do?" enquired the Duke. "I work at the Daily Mail," the executive replied. The Duke said: "You should be ashamed of yourself."

¿ It would seem that The Guardian was determined to make the BNP the lead story on the morning after the local elections, whatever the angle. "Large turn-out thwarts BNP election push" was the headline on the three-star edition. "Strong poll turn-out fails to stop BNP gains" was the five-star headline.

¿ The new, serious Daily Mirror has not extended its gravity to byline pictures. Tom Newton Dunn is bylined from Afghanistan wearing a mock-First World War tin helmet.

¿ A previous diary item about Charles Handy, the management guru, stated that his daughter listened to Radio 3 via her laptop. Mrs Elizabeth Handy tells us that we were misinformed – the Handy family was not the family in question. We are happy to put that straight.