This week's most popular Diggs: CyberSex, Kevin Smith on 'Twilight'

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The most popular news, videos and images as picked by Digg users during the last seven days, recorded on November 24.

1. OMG Was That The Best CyberSex Ever? Oh wait.... - An image of a conversation hosted on The conversation features two people in an internet chat room about to have "cybersex" before one is turned off by the other's choice of "music".

2. I think I got through to one of the AT&T support chat people - An image of a supposed text conversation between an AT&T representative and a customer. When the representative tells the customer he will have to call the AT&T help hotline as his problem can't be solved online the customer says "I'll just hang myself." The AT&T representative replies, "Right behind you."

3. How far we've come in seven years - A photo hosted on showing actors Jennifer Aniston and Hugh Laurie seated next to each other with two captions underneath; "2002 - Who's that guy next to Rachel?" and "2009 - Who's that bitch next to House?"

4. Kevin Smith On Twilight: Wait Till Those Fangirls Turn 18 - A video hosted on YouTube where Kevin Smith talks about how much teenage girls love the film Twilight.

5. Miss Universe Contestants in Three-Way Sex Tape - An article on celebrity news website that suggests that they received a videotape of two former Miss Universe contestants who were sexually involved with a photographer at the same time.