This week's most popular Diggs: Health care in the US, Ben Folds live and failed sarcasm

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The most popular news, videos and images as picked by Digg users during the last seven days, recorded on March 23.

1. Congress Passes Historic Health Care Reform - A news article hosted on that discusses the US's historic health care reform.

2. Ben Folds does live ode to Chatroulette piano guy - A YouTube video of multi-talented American singer-songwriter Benjamin Scott aka Ben Folds paying tribute to ChatRoulette-improvisation-hero "Merton" during a live concert in Charlotte, N.C., USA. Ben Folds crafts unique songs for the totally unknown strangers he sees on the "anonymous" video social networking site.

3. The Jon Stewart Clip That Will Make Glenn Beck Cry Real Tears - a video excerpt taken from the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart hosted on

4. Sarcasm is completely lost on Comcast - a screen capture of a conversation between a Comcast technical support team member and one of their customers. Hosted on

5. Google Streetview at its best - A seagull gets caught on camera on the Streetview of John St in Brighton, UK on Google Maps. Hosted on