This week's most popular Diggs: Old Spice viral videos, Jewel, 1925's vision of 1950s America

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The most popular news, videos and images as picked by Digg users during the last seven days, recorded on July 20.

1. Get Well, Kevin Rose! Sincerely, The Old Spice Man - Old Spice's Isaiah Mustafa sends American internet entrepreneur Kevin Rose an amusing get well message via YouTube.

2. Jewel Sings Her Own Songs at Karaoke in Disguise - a video of singer Jewel going undercover at a karaoke bar. Hosted on

3.  1925's vision of 1950s America - an image hosted on showing how people in the 1925's envisioned the future - with four-level city streets and terraced skyscrapers that towered over the city at half a mile high. 

4. Old Spice Man - Re: MrBabyMan - an Old Spice viral video response to a Twitter user who asks, "When two men both using Old Spice Body Wash meet, do they cancel each other out?" Hosted on

5. Some dude bought this on eBay. It didn't work - pictures of what's inside an APC Back-UPS 600 bought on eBay -  the components have been replaced by a brick and a newspaper. Hosted on