This week's most popular Diggs: Vinyl magnified by 1000x, how to fake a pregnancy

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The most popular news, videos and images as picked by Digg users during the last seven days, recorded on March 16.

1. 1 Pixel = 1 Million Dollars - a visual representation of the amount of money the 'super rich' and bankers are making while millions of Americans search for a job. Hosted on

2. Really, ladies?...Really?! - a screen capture of suggested search terms on Google for "how to fake a..." with some of the top results coming up as "how to fake a pregnancy." Hosted on

3. Do you know why I pulled you over? - a picture hosted on showing cops pulling a man over for driving a bumper car on the road.

4. No means No! - An animated GIF of a woman being hit after putting the moves on a guy. Hosted on

5. A single groove on a vinyl record, magnified by 1000x - A photo of a vinyl record magnified by 1000x hosted on