Trendspotting #17

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At home with Daytime viewing

Husbands who suspect that their spouses watch telly all day instead of getting torn into the housework will draw ammunition from a survey indicating that ITV's Daytime output reaches up to two-thirds of women. Obviously they don't all watch at once. Figures just out show that ITV trailed BBC1 in the week ending 18 May because its daytime audience share fell to an all-time low of under 26 per cent. The same survey suggests that 72 per cent of Heinz Ketchup sales are accountable to ITV Daytime viewers. Didn't think daytime telly was that saucy, did you?

Crisp firms make a packet

Growth in home entertaining has seen the value of the crisps, snacks and nuts market rise to pounds 2bn last year, up 28 per cent from 1992. Total advertising expenditure in this sector rose by 11 per cent over the same period, to pounds 24.2m in 1996. Walkers was the biggest spender in the crisps sector, splashing out pounds 6m last year.

Research by Mintel among 7- to 14-year-olds shows that flavour counts for most among children when it comes to choosing crisps, followed by free gifts and things to collect. One in six cited low salt or fat as a persuasive factor, which must encourage the health educators.

People's Jury prefers coffee to Pepsi

Campaign magazine's People's Jury has delivered its verdict: Pepsi's TV commercial featuring the Spice Girls isn't as appealing as the enduring soap opera for Nescafe Gold Blend. Girl power had the guys drooling, but female viewers were less turned on, according to the magazine's monthly survey, in which 1,000 viewers give marks out of 10 to 20 top brands. The bad news for McCann Erickson, which created the Gold Blend campaign, is that its average score of 6.5 was one of the lowest winning marks so far recorded by the People's Jury. So they can celebrate with coffee rather than champagne.