Awards ceremonies: The hostess with the mostest costume changes

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The ALMA awards took place at the weekend, honouring outstanding Latino artistic achievements in television, film and music. On hosting duties were comedian and actor George Lopez and Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, who managed a remarkable nine outfit changes during the ceremony, which included a black floor-length lace number, a gold gown and a tight orange dress. What was even more impressive is that she changed her hair almost as often as she did her clothes, which must have kept a team of stylists busy backstage.

It's unclear when exactly it became mandatory for women hosting award shows to make a trip to wardrobe every five minutes but we've certainly been seeing a lot of it lately. Anne Hathaway got in eight different outfits when she hosted the Academy Awards last year alongside James Franco, one of which was a cute Lanvin tuxedo. But perhaps the most outfit changes were made when Sarah Jessica Parker hosted the 2000 MTV Movie Awards and successfully managed to showcase 12 different looks, although she made one visit to the stage wearing nothing more than a fluffy white towel, having apparently been caught short.

It certainly would appear that women have got the raw deal when hosting such events. While they are hectically preened and prodded, it seems most unfair that a man just has to throw on a tux and be done for the night.