BBC governance review to be led by former Bank of England deputy

Sir David Clementi will oversee review after criticism of BBC Trust model

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A former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England will lead an independent review into the future governance of the BBC.

The review by Sir David Clementi follows widespread criticism of the existing BBC Trust model and its failings over a series of BBC crises, from the Jimmy Savile scandal to the executive pay controversy.

Culture Secretary John Whittingdale announced the review ahead of a speech to broadcast executives at the Royal Television Society’s Cambridge Convention.


“Television is of huge importance to the nation – and the BBC lies at the heart of British television,” he said.

“However no-one could deny that the BBC has made some bad mistakes in the last few years. Savile, McAlpine, Ross-Brand, severance payments and excessive salaries have all contributed to a widespread view that the governance structure needs reform.”

The three options Sir David is likely to consider are reforming the existing governance model, creating a new standalone “OfBeeb” regulator alongside a unitary BBC board, or creating a new BBC board that yields regulatory powers to the media watchdog Ofcom.

The BBC Trust said it welcomed the review by Sir David, who previously undertook a similar assessment of the regulation of legal services in England and Wales.

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