Best US election TV wizardry: CNN gives good graphics


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The Beeb may have had the gravitas of the Dimblebot, Sky News may have had the resources of News International and ITV may have had slightly squiffy Ian Hislop at the US embassy party, but for sheer number-crunching brilliance, yesterday morning's winner was CNN.

The US network was laughed at for some of its ridiculous innovations in 2008, notably beaming in a hologram of Will.I.Am into its studio.

Yesterday, though, CNN nailed it. With a team led by Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper, CNN had data coming out of its ears: whether it was Blitzer calling states for the two candidates with a feral enthusiasm or their dozens of reporters in election offices around the country calling precincts as they came in.

Their ace was John King, who manned the touchscreens like Gary Neville on Sky Sports, explaining the inner-state nuances – like the importance of things like the exurban vote in Virginia – with an intensity and clarity that would make Jeremy Vine blush. The only reason to flick over to British channels was to avoid the relentless ad breaks. And no Piers Morgan, either!