Big Brother ends: 'So, have we missed anything interesting?'

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Yesterday evening marked the end of a chapter. Not a particularly august chapter, or a particularly well-watched one, but nonetheless the latest series of Channel 5's Big Brother drew to its close last night. It's been a rocky ride, what with the viewing figures halving from a 2.7 million peak and those nasty accusations of bullying. But still we can wish the contestants well (apart from the bullying ones) as they emerge blinking into the light.

So what have they missed, in these past 10 weeks? Well, Coronation Street's Kym Marsh has been done for fly-tipping – one of her scripts gave the game away (would you believe it?); pig farmers' group BPEX warned of a hike in bacon prices when a new EU directive kicks in; while Towie's Gemma is back with Arg after a barney. A dog called Norman also fell off something high but was unharmed. Oh and there was some sporting tournament in east London or something. But, I mean, can you believe that Kym Marsh – with her money, too?