Good Morning Britain gets serious as Susanna Reid and hosts present from behind sleek desk

Susanna Reid and colleagues will present show from behind a stylish new desk, rather than traditional comfy sofas which ITV is known for

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Susanna Reid and her co-hosts will front ITV’s Good Morning Britain from behind a stylish desk, rather than the traditional sofas which the channel is known for.

The 43 year-old former BBC presenter, who is leading the show with Ben Shepard, 39, Charlotte Hawkins, 38, and Sam Fletcher, 40, said the modern set was “not what people have been used to over the last couple of years”.

“It is something new and exciting for us. We all start behind the desk, which hasn’t happened for a while,” she said.

“Is this a bold move? I think it makes it not a direct comparison to what is on the other side. It marks us out as distinctive. We are more of a team than a pairing”.

The new show launches at 6am tomorrow on ITV. The broadcaster is under pressure to revitalise the channel’s breakfast offering, following the closure of Daybreak after disastrous ratings.

While viewing figures of BBC Breakfast reached 1.6 million on BBC One, Daybreak managed to pull in only 600,000 viewers before it was axed.