Jonathan Ross will no longer record live after gay jibe

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Jonathan Ross's Radio 2 show will no longer be broadcast live.

The BBC said in a statement that the show would be pre-recorded "as live" every week.

Discussions have been taking place about the changes over a long period of time and Ross, 48, was said to be "happy" about the new arrangements.

Complaints were made recently about a jibe Ross made on his show on May 9 which some people interpreted as being anti-gay.

A statement from the BBC said: "Radio 2 has reviewed the way that we make all of our programmes since the end of last year.

"Pre-recording Jonathan's show enables us to ensure the programme is watertight due to compliance whilst attracting the best guests.

"It's common practice to pre-record radio programmes and both Radio 2 and Jonathan are very happy with the plan as we've been discussing the matter for many weeks."

Pre-recording interviews will also mean that international talent on promotional tours in the UK during the week will be able to appear on the weekend show.

Ross has said that he was "mortified" people thought he was being anti-gay when he suggested parents should put their sons up for adoption if they wanted a Hannah Montana MP3 player.

A number of listeners complained to the broadcasting watchdog, claiming the comments on his Radio 2 show were homophobic.