Media Lunch: Christian O'Connell, breakfast presenter, Absolute Radio

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The venue: Polpo, a Venetian-style restaurant. It's basically Italian tapas, which sounds a bit crazy but it's amazing. The staff take you through the menu in a really non-patronising way and it's only a minute's walk away from where I work.

The company: I went there with a guy who does stuff for Radio 2. He's a Buddhist and is teaching me how to meditate.

The conversation: We talked about radio but spent most of the time discussing Buddhism, meditation, women and football.

On the menu: A selection of the sampling dishes. My favourites were the walnut and gorgonzola mortadella, pizzetta bianca and the lamb chump. We drank red wine. They do really nice table wine, served in funny little half glasses. It feels really rustic.

Come here often? Years ago, media lunches could go on all afternoon and into the evening, but the industry has changed so much. The luxury of the big long lunch, while fun, doesn't happen as much as it used to.

Polpo, 41 Beak Street, London W1