Media Lunch: Nick Ferrari, radio presenter

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The venue: Little Italy in Soho is a great place, five minutes from where I work. It's a bit schizophrenic: it's a restaurant during the day and transforms into a bar that goes on until about 3 o'clock in the morning – but I'm never ever there that late because I have to get up so early to do my radio show.

The company: I went there with a guy I worked with in radio who was friendly with George Martin, the Beatles producer. I've had the privilege of meeting George a couple of times and I really wanted to get some Beatles memorabilia, and this guy got me onto getting signed lyrics of "Yesterday".

The conversation: After he'd sorted the lyrics for me I took him there for lunch to say thank you, and to see him and catch up.

On the menu: First, I have the bean soup because it's homemade by a wonderful Italian woman, so it's just like being in the middle of Italy. They do a fantastic pasta dish that has lobster and other seafood in it. They always choose the wine for me, and their choices have always been reasonably priced and they've never picked a bad one.

Come here often? I've been going there for about three years. Sadly, long lunches were a lot more prevalent a few years ago when the economy was in better health.

Little Italy, 21 Frith Street, London W1