My Week In Media: Graham Stuart

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Last week I watched...

The comedy show I'm enjoying most at the moment is The Kevin Bishop Show on Friday nights. Along with Peep Show, it's the best Channel 4 comedy of recent times. He is a very talented comic and mimic and if you're going to do a spoof – which everyone wants to do – using the EPG as its basis is a really clever idea. Alexander Armstrong is great fun to watch in Mutual Friends. It is essentially Cold Feet, which is a hard act to follow, but it's pretty much there.

Last week I listened to...

Radio 4 is my soundtrack. I listened to Beardy Man and the Mimics on iPlayer. It's about a guy who is a human beatboxer and inspired by the lyrebird which can replicate sounds in the jungle, even the sounds of the chainsaws used by loggers to cut down trees. Without sounding too pretentious, with pieces like Thursday's Charles Clarke interview on the Today programme, you get the feeling you are listening to news as it happens.

Last week I read...

I'm quite catholic in my newspaper tastes and read everything. Wired is my favourite magazine. It's not just for techies; there are always stories in it that teach you something about the world. "Meet Leland Chee, the Star Wars Franchise Continuity Cop" is about the guy whose job it is to make sure the continuity runs in all the different guises and versions of Star Wars. With series where you do prequels, animated versions and TV versions, you need a full-blown geek in control of it. I subscribe to Granta and the most recent edition is on nature. I wasn't sure when I saw the title, but it is really, really good. A distinguished Scots poet called Kathleen Jamie has written about dissecting a human colon. You couldn't make it up.

Last week I surfed..., which is doing The Onion's satirical humour in the UK – "Russia recognises Disneyland" and "Sarah Palin admits son is Islamic terrorist". It's a very good and fast-moving comedy site written by John O'Farrell. There are often great sketches on, Will Ferrell's comedy site, and I'm a big sports person so follow, which is particularly good at the moment when football is going crazy. is a project we're doing for Channel 4 education and a sort of social networking site. It follows a year in the lives of 15 young people and we're editing the TV shows to go with the website at the moment.

Graham Stuart co-founded SO Television with Graham Norton. 'Bring Back...Star Wars' is on 14 September, Channel 4 at 9pm