My Life: Penguin Post Office is natural history for CBeebies


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After the Jeremy Clarkson fiasco in Tierra del Fuego, a happier BBC story from the bottom of the Earth.

The natural history film-maker Andrew Graham-Brown has given his daughters Amy and Daisy (aged 12 and 14) the experience of a lifetime by taking them down Patagonia way to watch him film penguins in Antarctica.

The result is a documentary for CBBC, My Life: Penguin Post Office, where the girls tell of their “terrifying boat journey” out from Ushuaia, across Drake Passage to the isolated post office at Port Lockroy, owned by the Antarctic Heritage Trust. There they lived among the local gentoo penguins, and Dad taught them to use his camera.

It should inspire interest in natural history among the CBBC audience and provides a fresh take on Graham-Brown’s “grown-up” Penguin Post Office, which was shown on BBC2 in July.