Question Time: Adil Ray

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Work: Presents 'The Adil Ray Show' at Breakfast 6-9am (7am-10am from 20 April) on BBC Asian Network, and will front a 'Picturing Britain' series for Radio 4 and 'Desi DNA' (BBC2)

Life: 34 , single, lives in Birmingham

Balance: Other radio, comedy, cricket, good foods of the world

What makes your breakfast show better than all the others on offer?

We offer a very true and honest 'British' serving like no other radio show can. It's hugely accessible and inclusive whilst having a British Asian streak running through it.

Did you dabble in hospital radio, and if not, why not?

No. I think I may have sent a demo but didn't get a call.

How did you land a job at the BBC?

I was happily working within commercial radio but once I realised that within the BBC you get the luxury of a producer or two, I never looked back.

Do you court controversy?

Well if that means do I talk about things others dare not to, then yes. For instance I am very proud of my Muslim and Asian background and will often find funny observations to talk about on my show. I have nothing to fear as one day we'll probably have a Muslim prime minister who will look out for me.

What's been your biggest stand out moment so far?

I think demonstrating over the past year or so that prime-time BBC Asian radio does not have to be all about the old age issues such as arranged marriages, the war and religion.

And what's your biggest broadcasting ambition?

To broadcast to as many people as possible. That would not be at the expense of my work at the Asian Network and it would certainly mean taking a very unique often forgotten Brit Asian audience with me.

What are your desert island media?

Radio 4, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Youtube, oh and The Adil Ray Show Podcast.