Question Time: Alex Zane, presenter

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Work: Host of the Xfm 'Breakfast Show', weekday mornings 6-9am on 104.9 in London. Presenter of 'Alex Zane's Guest List' on Sky Movies.
Life: Highgate, north London, with a cat named Holly.
Balance: Watching horror and science-fiction films, TV and YouTube.

How long have you been at XFM and how would you describe your show?

I joined Xfm in 2002. Any breakfast radio presenter believes that their show is the greatest out there, with the best music, the best features and the best interviews... so with that in mind, my breakfast show has the best music, features and interviews, really, I promise.

What inspired you to work in broadcasting?

I think it was Chris Evans. I never missed TFI Friday, I loved it. Not being the coolest of teenagers (I tabletop war-gamed and fantasy role-played most weekends) I loved seeing this geeky looking guy in charge of this hyper-cool show.

And what was your first break?

I got a job hosting a programme called FAQ about making science cool and palatable for teenage viewers of Five on a Sunday morning. I'd never presented before but I talked up my science A-levels and my one year at medical school and that seemed to impress them, despite the fact we didn'treally cover where red food colouring comes from at medical school and I wasn't required to dissect a cadaver for the show.

Who in the industry would you most like to work with?

I would have loved to have worked with the aforementioned Mr Chris Evans.

Do you have a dream job?

I guess my dream would be to take the Xfm Breakfast Show to a record-breaking number of listeners.

What do you tune into when you're not working?

Ice Road Truckers and The Deadliest Catch; I love being transported to extreme environments without actually being transported to really extreme environments.

What are your desert island media?

I'll have the Independent newspaper, the Xfm Breakfast Show for my radio, and Bear Grylls: Born Survivor.