Question Time: Louise Minchin

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Work: A presenter on the BBC News channel. She is taking part in Around the World in 80 Days, a Children in Need challenge.

Life: Married to gastropub owner David. Daughters: Mia, eight, and Scarlett, four.

Balance: Cycling.

What made you decide to be a journalist?

It was always what I wanted to do. There's never really been anything else. I went travelling after university, and became the translator in Chile for Operation Raleigh, as I could speak the language. I did lots of interviews, and suddenly realised that I wanted to be the person on the radio asking the questions.

Your dream job is to be presenter of This Morning. Why does it appeal to you?

I like the fact that it's about looking at the people behind a news story. Often these people are never spoken to.

You've worked on the Today programme and presented the BBC breakfast news. Which do you prefer, radio or television work, and why?

Radio was my first love, and that's where I started, on Radio Five Live. I love the incredible freedom and immediacy. I went to television after eight years of radio broadcasting. It's more pressure, but I like the adrenaline of the red light.

What is your opinion on the complaint from certain male presenters that there are too many pretty but talentless female presenters?

I think what was said is rubbish. We wouldn't be able to do the job if we were talentless.

What's the most groundbreaking story you've ever reported on?

The first Ten O'clock News bulletin I did was the day Saddam Hussein was executed. I was also presenting the news when 7/7 happened.

What are your desert island media?

Radio for breakfast on Five Live and Radio One with Zane Lowe, the Observer, the Daily Telegraph, The Sun, Heat and on television Torchwood, Doctor Who and Casualty.