Saturday Kitchen Live rapped over swearing incident

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Popular TV show Saturday Kitchen Live has been rapped by the broadcasting watchdog after a guest chef swore while attempting to cook an omelette.

In the weekly BBC1 programme's Omelette Challenge, two cooks compete to cook the meal in the quickest time.

On December 5 last year, top chef Tom Kime said "fucking hell" under his breath when his three egg omelette started to stick to his pan.

The remark went undetected by the show's presenter James Martin and the production team, so no apology was made.

It was not until after the show, which is broadcast on a Saturday morning, when another guest was asked about the swearing, that the BBC became aware of the matter.

The BBC decided that Mr Kime would not be returning to the programme and apologised to viewers who contacted it to complain.

The broadcast follows a similar incident in May last year, when guest chefs Vivek Singh and Eric Chavot were involved in the omelette "cook-off".

Mr Singh finished first and teased his friend: "It's my turn to sit here la la" but Mr Chavot retorted: "You can la-la me, what the fucking la-la" before clamping his hand over his mouth.

The BBC said at the time that several steps are taken by senior members of the production team to brief guests about offensive language.

Ofcom stated of the most recent incident: "This was a live show and the production team acted responsibly by giving repeated reminders about acceptable behaviour to its participants.

"However, Ofcom resolved a similar incident in another edition of the Saturday Kitchen series.

"As a result of the fact that this current example of the use of the most offensive language was not noted during the live broadcast, Ofcom has decided to record a breach."