'To beef or not to beef? That is the equestrian': Masterchef's Greg Wallace admits he would like to try horsemeat


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As the nation examines its freezers to look for lasagnes which potentially contain horsemeat, Masterchef's Gregg Wallace has admitted he would like to try the controversial foodstuff.

The TV personality and restaurateur says that although he has never consumed horse “not knowingly, anyway”, he is now sufficiently intrigued to want to try it.

“It's not something I would order, but what I would like is if somebody on my table ordered it, so I could taste it,“ Wallace tells  RadioTimes.com.

“[I’m intrigued] but not to the extent where I want it to be a big focus of my meal.”

Wallace recently revealed that warnings from his ex-wife made him change a diet that caused him to have dangerously high levels of cholesterol to one that's much healthier.

Currently he and his fellow MasterChef star, the chef John Torode, are promoting a new series of MasterChef due to hit screens in March.

But Wallace wasn't too busy to throw in a pun. “To beef, or not to beef? That is equestrian.”