Will 'The Inbetweeners' get lost across the Atlantic?


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Do they know what "clunge" is in North Dakota? We're soon to find out, with MTV's long-mooted cross-Atlantic adaptation of The Inbetweeners being unveiled on 20 August. A trailer for the show, adapted by the E4 version's creators Iain Morris and Damon Beasley, was revealed earlier this month by MTV (whose recent version of another E4-made hit, Skins, proved controversial, though poorly received).

So how do the US Inbetweeners compare to Will McKenzie and Co? There's not much in it, judging by the trailer. Some of the characters may have slightly different names (Simon becomes Todd), but some things remain broadly similar, if slightly better looking. There's knee sliding across dancefloors, the Simon character spray-painting "I love you Carli D'Amato" across the drive of his long-time crush and – of course – that terrible little yellow car.

This repetition isn't a bad sign, though – the first US series of The Office was a nearly line-for-line remake of the Ricky Gervais version, but blossomed into one of the best and longest-running sitcoms of the past decade. But whether the Inbetweeners phrase "bus wanker" will translate is another matter.

Watch: bit.ly/USInbetweeners