Twitter chirps about embeddable tweets

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Twitter proclaimed that "Tweets are the new quotes" in a May 3 blog post, hinting that users would soon be able to embed tweets as easily as you can add a YouTube video to a blog post.

Until now, bloggers and journalists used screenshots or direct quotations when they wanted to highlight clever or interesting content contained within a tweet, "But the truth, of course, is that a pasted-in image of a tweet is a bit of a hack," writes Twitter on their Twitter Media blog. "We have a simple alternative to propose; it's coming tomorrow."

"It's very simple. Just a snippet of code you'll be able to use to generate simple, selectable flat-HTML tweets."

In addition to correctly representing the text contained in the tweet (complete with spelling mistakes and interesting takes on modern grammar), the embeddable tweet feature provides direct links to the tweeter's Twitter account so you can see more tweets from them.

A preview of an embedded tweet can be found on the Twitter Media web page located here: