Twitter redesigns homepage, filters tweets to entice new users

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For the second time in the year, Twitter has tweaked the front end of their website, the homepage to display added functionality for new users who have yet to become fully accustomed with the microblogging phenomenon.

The new homepage dynamically filters content to provide curious web surfers (and potential new users) with a constant feed of "algorithmically-selected top tweets" and a scrolling list of the top trending topics on the site.

The front-page tweets are written by a "random sampling of suggested sources," giving perspective tweeters a slightly glorified idea of what Twitter could be for them.

Twitter's Creative Director, Doug Bowman (@stop), wrote that the changes will help Twitter move away from its preconceived image of a social network for status updates and will instead market the idea that "there's something of value for everyone" on Twitter.

His March 30 blog post also said that Twitter will be monitoring the new site and may implement successful features in other areas of Twitter.