Video chat gets grandmother-friendly with a new how-to user guide

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Do you wish you could quickly and easily show your grandparents how to use a web cam to make video calls to their friends and family? Google has made it easy to show them how with Google's Grandmother's Guide to Video Chat.

"[W]hen I saw that my grandma-who loves keeping in touch with family more than anyone-wasn't set up to use video chat, I decided to help her get started. While doing so, it occurred to me how many people there must be out there in similar situations. If only there were a simple way that any grandmother could use to get started on her own..." said Google's Associate Product Marketing Manager, Jason Toff, in a July 1 blog post.

Google's guide shows your grandparents how to set up video chat using a free Google account and a web cam.

The Grandmother's Guide to Video Chat comes in the form of a simple video ( and/or a downloadable PDF that can be printed out and kept for further reference.

If you would prefer your grandparents set up Skype to conduct their video calls, Nanascorner has made a how-to guide (link below) that will show them how to get set up.

Skype also provide video-based instructions on their home page (

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